Silicon Photomultipliers
Silicon Photomultipliers

Azimuth Photonics offers a complete line of Silicon Photomultipliers as well as a number of SiPM related products (arrays and application specific evaluation systems) and measurement instruments covering a wide range of applications.

Silicon Photomultipliers

SiPM - is solid state low light level radiation detector featuring single photon sensitivity, photo counting capability and extremely fast response. Compared to other photosensor technologies, such as PiN diodes, APDs and PMTs, SiPMs offer a winning combination of properties. These include high gain, excellent PDE and fast timing along with the practical advantages associated with solid-state technology: compactness, ruggedness, low bias voltage and insensitivity to magnetic fields. SiPMs can directly detect light in the near-ultra-violet to near-infrared range. When used in combination with scintillating materials (organic, inorganic or plastic crystals and fibers ) SiPMs can detect gamma rays, X-rays, beta particles, muons, cosmic rays, with very high efficiency and extremely low time jitter.

SiPM Arrays

SiPM sensors are used to create compact and scaleable arrays available with different pixel sizes and variety of formats. The pixel signals can either be read out individually for imaging applications, or summed by the user to create a large area, single-channel sensor. Each arrays features a multi-way connector or BGA on the reverse for access to all signals.

SiPM Instrumentation

SiPM Interface Modules power the SiPM bases, buffer SiPM signals for an external ADC, and provide a sum of all SiPM signals to an internal or external discriminator. Multi-channel Interface Modules connect directly to USB DAQ for PMTs.
Channel-Reducing Charge Division Readout bases support 4x4, 8x8, 12x12, and 16x16 SiPM arrays. Channel reduction is accomplished by patent pending diode-coupled charge division technology providing 4-channel readout and row-and-column readout of large-area SiPM arrays. Individual-channel readout is also available. The bases connect directly to SiPM Interface Modules and evaluation boards.
ADCs with gated integrators can sustain trigger rates up to 1.2 MHz for 16 channels and up to 600 kHz for 32 channels. They connect directly to SiPM Interface Modules and also can be used with standard photomultipliers and PSPMTs.