IR detectors
IR detectors
InfraTec GmbH, Heimann Sensor GmbH, VIGO System, InfraRed Associates and Laser Components are Azimuth Photonics suppliers of infrared sensors for various applications. Range of available products includes pyroelectric detectors, HgCdTe-MCT, InGaAs, InSb, PbS, PbSe detectors and thermopile sensors. We also provide preamplifiers, TEC controllers and power supplies for detection modules.

Pyroelectric infrared detectors

Pyroelectric detectors are widely used for high-precision gas analysis, industrial flame detection and applications in radiometry, pyrometry and spectroscopy. We deliver single channel and multi channel detectors, tunable detectors and detectors with fast response and extended gain, wide range of optical filters for detectors.

Infrared detectors

Our product portfolio of detectors consists of Mercury-Cadmium-Telluride (photoconductors, phoelectromagnetic and photovoltaic), InGaAs, InSb, PbS and PbSe room temperature and thermoelectrically cooled detectors, that can be used in wide spectral range. Detectors are mounted in several packages.

Thermopile Sensors

We provide a variety of thermopile sensors in different sizes. We can offer single, duals, quad sensor types and even high temperature single sensors. Our company supplies thermopile modules and arrays. Thermopile modules are thermopile sensors with integrated signal processing. They are consisting of radiation detecting sensor chips and integrated circuits in same housing. Thermopile arrays consists of linear arrays, 2D arrays, array modules and array application sets. Linear arrays and 2D arrays are available in different element sizes. The array application sets make it possible that you can realize a fast and easy imaging solution for your PC.