Azimuth Photonics has a broad product portfolio of cameras for science, medical and industrial applications. Our suppliers are industry leading manufacturers: Andor, NET GmbH, Greateyes GmbH, XIMEA and Mightex. We deliver high performance CCD, CMOS, EMCCD and ICCD cameras, as well as wide range of lenses with different mounts.

High-speed cameras

We offer CMOS and CCD cameras with high-speed interface for real-time imaging and advanced data processing. High sensitive cameras feature PCI-E, Thunderbolt, Gigabit Ethernet or Firewire IEEE 1394 interfaces that are able to deliver up to 20 Gbit/s bandwidth.

Miniature cameras

Our supplies developed world smallest (15x15x8 mm, 5 grams) USB camera with GenICam/GenTL support. Board level and housed cameras are available with 5 Mpx color or monochrome sensor.

CMOS and CCD cameras

CMOS and CCD USB 3.0 /USB3 Vision and USB 2.0 camera features a very compact sized housing or board-level version, high-bandwidth image transfer and outstanding image quality characteristics. This makes it perfectly suitable for industrial and medical applications, where you want to optimize the price-performance ratio, and keep it flexible to future requirements. These cameras are dedicated for the integration into factory automation, quality inspection, surveillance and biometric and microscopy applications. Cameras support 24-bit RGB true color, ROI and binning modes, monochrome, color and low light image sensors reflecting an extensive range of selectable resolutions and frame rates for all requirements.

Hyperspectral cameras

Azimuth Photonics is official distributor of the world leading manufacturer of hyperspectral imaging instruments and systems, Specim Spectral Imaging Ltd. Specim offers great variety of hyperspectral products, including the cameras designed for industrial use and research, airborne AISA-products, and the world’s first mobile hyperspectral camera, Specim IQ.

Hyperspectral imaging is used increasingly in many research areas, such as life sciences, vegetation research, forensics, food analysis, and mineral research. In each application area the hyperspectral scanner is used to identify, measure and map the biological, chemical and physical properties of the objects depicted.

Specim cameras and systems have outstanding image quality with excellent light throughput, leading to speed and high performance. Compact and lightweight body of these systems opens up plenty of new possibilites for hyperspectral imaging, both in the existing as well as in totally new application fields.

Cameras for astronomy

Azimuth Photonics deliver Andor’s Apogee Camera Range with a wide selection of full frame and interline cooled CCD options, offering superb medium to very high resolution imaging solutions. The range has long been the detection solution of choice for high resolution applications, including astronomy and gel applications.

Cameras for microscopy

We also broaden the range of our products with Andor's high performance low light imaging cameras, that are suited to a wide variety of microscopy applications, from extremely challenging single molecule tracking to routine wide-field fluorescence microscopy of living or fixed cells. Cameras features UltraVac™ technology for deep cooling and complete protection of the sensor. Andor offers the world’s most advanced and versatile EMCCD, CCD, sCMOS and ICCD detectors.

X-Ray cameras

Our suppliers present a variety of scientific in-vacuum cameras for imaging and spectroscopy in the VUV, EUV, soft- and hard X-ray range up to 20 keV. They are fabricated in stainless steel or aluminium providing excellent vacuum compatibility. These cameras combine scientific CCD sensors with ultra low noise electronics for optimal detection of weak signals. Select among different spectral sensitivities and sensor technologies you will find the best solution for your imaging or spectroscopic application.


We offer our customers a complete portfolio of telecentric lenses, macro lenses, lenses especially designed for rough industrial environment, CCTV-lenses, line scan lenses, zoom lenses, with different mount types like C, CS, S, F, V, M72 and a wide range of accessories like optical filters, converter lenses, mirrors, prisms and much more.