Photon Counting
Photon Counting
Azimuth Photonics offers wide range of photon counting detectors and electronics by Laser Components, Becker&Hickl, Micro Photon Devices and AUREA Technology. Our suppliers are world leader manufactures of single photon counting modules, TCSPC-modules, FLIM systems and detector electronics.

SPAD detectors

A single-photon avalanche diode (SPAD) (also known as a Geiger-mode APD or G-APD) is a solid-state photodetector in which a photon-generated carrier can trigger an avalanche current due to the impact ionization mechanism. This device is able to detect low intensity signals (down to the single photon) and to signal the arrival times of the photons with a jitter of a few tens of picoseconds. Our company supplies a comprehensive family of Single Photon Avalanche Diodes nearly covering the electromagnetic spectrum from the near infrared all the way up to the near ultraviolet. In a broad choice of detectors you can find modules for for time-correlated applications, modules with high quantum efficiency and low dark count rates.

Detectors based on PMTs

The modules combines GaAsP hybrid PMT tube with the preamplifier and the generators for the PMT operating voltages in one compact housing. The principle of the hybrid PMT in combination with the GaAsP cathode yields excellent timing resolution, a clean TCSPC instrument response function, high detection quantum efficiency, and extremely low afterpulsing probability. The virtual absence of afterpulsing results in a substantially increased dynamic range for fluorescence decay recordings.
Multi-Wavelength FLIM modules detect fluorescence decay data in several spectral channels simultaneously. It uses an input fibre bundle for light collection, a grating polychromator for spectral dispersion, a multi-anode GaAsP PMT and routing electronics for multi-dimensional TCSPC technique. The detector can be used for multi-wavelength FLIM in combination with confocal or multiphoton laser scanning microscopes and for single-point multi-wavelength fluorescence decay measurements.

FLIM-Systems for microscopy

Confocal Scanning FLIM Systems based on multidimensional megapixel FLIM technology produce extremely large images, enable easy focusing and sample positioning, fast scanning, high data throughput, short acquisition times, Simultaneous, fully parallel detection in two wavelength channels, simultaneous FLIM and SHG imaging. Systems are compatible with Ti:Sa and supercontinuum lasers and have upgrades for existing conventional microscopes.

TCSPC Modules

Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting Modules are complete TCSPC systems on single PC boards features optional step motor controller for wavelength or sample scanning. Modules work in oscilloscope mode, single and multiple decay curve mode, multichannel X-Y-t-mode. It enables realtime calculation and fitting of FCS curves due to free instrument software for Windows 7 / Vista / XP. Boards can be directly interfacted to most detector types.

Gated Photon Counters

Photon counters features 2 counter channels, on-board discriminators, timing and control logics and PCI board with fast DMA. It can be directly interected to most detectors. Counters can be used for optical transient waveform and luminescence spectra recording, single molecule detection, gated detection, gating off scattering pulses.

Our company also supplies multi-channel TCSPC routers, amplifiers, controllers, digital delay generators and frequency-to-analog converters.