Azimuth Photonics is the official distributor of ET Enterprises Ltd. products. ET Enterprises Limited manufactures and supplies the long established Electron Tubes brand of photomultipliers that were previously made by EMI Electronics, Thorn EMI Electronics and Electron Tubes Ltd. Outside the US, ET Enterprises distributes and supports ADIT brand photomultipliers, which are manufactured by its sister company in Texas and are used primarily in nuclear radiation measurement systems.

Our catalog includes wide range of high sensitivity, low noise photomultipliers for the detection and measurement of very low light levels.


Electron Tubes and ADIT photomultipliers with diameters from 13mm to 280mm, spectral range from 110nm to 900nm, signal levels from a few photon/s to about 50M photons/s in counting mode, or higher in analogue mode.

Photon Detection Systems

Cost effective and flexible complete photon detection systems comprising any combination of photomultplier, ambient temperature or cooled housing, power supply and signal processing electronics.

PMT Accessories

Everything to make pmts easier and quicker to use for optimum results: housings, power supplies, electronic modules, HV Bases, voltage dividers, sockets and magnetic shields.